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Mini Pigs are awesome pets!  They are very intelligent and can be taught tricks.  They run and play like a dog but are hypoallergenic.  They use a litter box like a cat, but do not shed.  They are basically low maintenance and require  roughly the same amount of care daily as would a dog.  A lot of people think that pigs are dirty, but the truth be known, they are very clean.  They will not do their business where they sleep or eat.  A mini pig is not a Vietnamese Pot Belly pig which can get 100 to 200 pounds.  Mini pigs typically range from 20 to 50 pounds and typically 14" to 24" long.  Imagine a watermelon with legs.  Feeding a structured diet,  and not feeding like a "hog" lol, mini pigs can range from 20 to 50 pounds and select breeding and genetics is a factor as well.  Our Sows average about 25 to 35 pounds with the exception of a few of our sows that are around 15 to 20 pounds.  Our Boars are 10, 12,  and 15 pounds thus producing an adult pig about from 15 to 30 pounds. 

We strive to produce a quality, healthy, sweet piglet that will be a wonderful and cherished addition to your family.  We typically do not bond with our piglets so they have the opportunity to bond with their new family although we do have social interaction with them daily.  We are excited about our 2014 breedings we have lined up and the building of our new nursery.  Our babies prices range from 275.00 to 400.00 based on color, size,  and characteristics. If you feel our prices are expensive, please check other websites and breeders.  We think you will find we are very reasonable for the quality piglet we sell.   We generally accept $50.00 deposits on piglets that we hold.  We also sometimes don't require a deposit if you pick your piglet up within a week.  We base this on the old southern hospitality of taking your word.   Please understand, that after the week without a deposit, if we haven't had contact from you, your piglet becomes again available for sale.  We understand things happen, so feel free to email  or call us.   We now offer shipping from Huntsville, Alabama, to your nearest airport.  We use Delta airlines as our primary carrier.  The fee for this is $300.00.  Payment must be made in advanced through PayPal for Price of Piglet, crate and preparation charges and also Airline charges.  Please note:  Our Web pages change daily based on speaking with customers and trying to answer some of their questions that we might have forgotten about, so check back daily!    

We at Tam's Pride Mini Pigs would like to say thank you for allowing us to make our babies part of your new family.  We have enjoyed the kind words and awesome pictures as the one sent above with Caley and Baby Wilbur.  Please send us pictures and videos so we can start a new page.    May God Bless you in 2014!   Please note that although our name has changed, we still strive to provide our customers with healthy, beautiful babies, and to develop friendships for many, many years!

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The pink pig is as big as a loveseat.  The smallest pig is the size of a cocker spaniel.  If you feed our babies like a "hog", they still will not exceed 30 pounds and that is really pushing it!


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