We are patiently waiting on the pork stork!  Scarlett and little man are expecting any day now.  babies should be reddish chocolate!  stay tuned!

        Black Friday Before Labor Day Special

We have a new litter of solid black babies.  we have 3 girls and 2 boys available.  we will have more pictures at a later date.  these babies will be priced at

 245.00 which includes the pig package:  your baby, enough formula to wean him/her, blanket, and their first and second ivomec shot.  to reserve yours, we require a 25.00 deposit through paypal.  they should be 20 pound adults.  they will be available for pickup on Saturday, 30 august.


we also have 3 Dalmatian spotted babies. These babies are 1/2 Juliana and half mini pig. We have 2 boys and 1 girl available. we will have individual pictures soon.  they will be available Saturday, 30 August. they will be 325.00 which includes enough formula to wean them, a blanket, and their first and second ivomec shot.


Little Black Eye Boy

This little guy is really small and cute.  His dad is a pure bred Juliana and his mom is a mini pig.  He should be about a 20 pound adult.  He will be litter box trained and  available Saturday, august 30.  He goes to his new home with enough formula to wean him, a blanket, and his second ivomec shot.  50.00 deposit through paypal is required to hold him.


"Scarlett"                                             "Little man"